The Illinois Chapter of the American College of Surgeons was chartered in 1951.

At that time we were referred to as “Illinois, Exclusive of Chicago”.  This was to distinguish between our Chapter and the Chapter serving Chicago.  Since then the Chicago Chapter has become known as the Metropolitan Chapter, which includes the Illinois Counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake and Will.

Mission Statement
The purposes of the Chapter are educational and professional, including but not limited to elevating the standards of surgery and educating the public and the profession with respect to surgical care.

Further purposes shall be (1) to promote the aims, interests, ideals, and programs of the American College of Surgeons, (2) to serve as a medium of communication between the Chapter and the College, (3) to elevate the standards of training and education in surgery in Illinois, (4) to advance the science and practice of surgery in Illinois, (5) to further a cooperative and fraternal spirit among Illinois surgeons, (6) to assist in providing surgical facilities of the highest professional standards, (7) to provide a means through which the members may cooperate with other professional and civic groups concerned with the health of the citizens.

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